Shriya Sharma from Kasauti Zindagi kay

Shriya Sharma from Kasauti Zindagi kay

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 has been witnessing high voltage drama from Anurag and Komolika’s wedding ceremony to Prerna’s access within the Basu family as Anurag’s first spouse. The makers are introducing spicier twists in the coming days. And right here’s what you can expect inside the coming episodes.

Consistent with Bollywoodlife, Komolika is feeling helpless and furious after Prerna’s access inside the Basu household. She is ready to visit any quantity to dispose of Prerna and her child from Anurag’s lifestyles. The closing vamp will reportedly try to kill Prerna and her unborn toddler.

However, there is bad information for Komolika because the file indicates that Prerna will come to realize that she is behind Moloy and Rajesh’s twist of fate and killed the latter and due to which Moloy continues to be in coma. Will Komolika be uncovered in the front of the complete own family?

There may be additionally a brand new access inside the display who will play Anurag’s pal (to be performed by Aman Gandhi). He’s going to warn Anurag of Komolika’s evil intentions and ask him to protect Prerna from her. Now that Anurag is aware of about Komolika’s fact, will he capable of keep his ladylove?

This does not go properly with Komolika. Shivani reaches the medical institution furious and confused with Anurag’s behaviour. Prerna’s mother reaches the clinic. Komolika tries to persuade Mohini by pronouncing that maybe it is Anurag’s guilt that’s making him do things for Prerna. Anurag tells Komolika that she’ll never be able to apprehend his courting with Prerna. Mohini tells Anurag to forestall insulting Komolika and her circle of relatives due to Prerna. Mohini falls unconscious whilst talking to Anurag. After a analysis of Mohini, the doctor tells her to take rest as she’s falling ill because of strain. Mohini discards the doctor’s opinion and tells Komolika to take her home. The doctor tells them Prerna’s sister has arrived a good way to go away the medical institution with out worrying about her.

Anurag against his will leaves with Mohini and Komolika. Prerna regains focus she realises Anurag is not with him. Prerna cries to Shivani announcing how plenty she loves Anurag however she could not forestall the marriage. Prerna’s mom walks into the room and yells at Prerna and Shivani about their behaviour. She tells Prerna that Anurag does no longer love her and to forget about him. She tries to make her remember the fact that rather than crying like a damsel she need to combat for justice for herself. She encourages her to forestall crying and to combat for her self recognize.For best services you can visit just goto¬†Kasauti Zindagi Ki.

At the birthday celebration, Mohini and Nivedita speak Prerna and Anurag. Nivedita tells it might had been higher if she could have were given married to Naveen Babu. Anupam consoles Anurag and tells him no longer to worry about Prerna. At the Sharma residence, Prerna tries to sleep however her mind is interested in Anurag’s thoughts and recollections while he sick-handled her. Reflecting at the beyond and her mother’s phrases of awareness Prerna makes a decision to no longer give up and take revenge and combat for herself from Anurag and his circle of relatives.

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