Let Toni Gonzaga School You On How To Do Your Makeup In The Car

Let Toni Gonzaga School You On How To Do Your Makeup In The Car


In her state-of-the-art vlog, actress Toni Gonzaga shared a few beneficial pointers while setting on make-up in the automobile. Toni stated that she virtually found out to do her personal makeup within the automobile at 17 because she juggled college and hosted a noontime show.

Toni said that within the automobile, the complex areas of putting makeup on are your eyebrows and doing your eyeliner. For this, she said that she only does her eyebrows and eyeliner while visitors goes first rate gradual.

Some other beneficial tip that Toni shared turned into the usage of false eyelashes which she calls a staple in her makeup package. She additionally added that it is able to make a big difference for chinita women like her.

She cautions that even as putting on make-up within the automobile could make one dizzy, Toni admits that she best does this while there surely is no time.

Her first tip: if you’re going to change some thing approximately yourself, don’t do it for different people. “Kasi kapag nakadepende sa ibang tao ang happiness or success mo, it’s going to by no means be enough,” says Alex. See if the grievance is optimistic or adverse. If it’s the previous and you want to enhance in that component, do it for your self.

Alex and Bianca additionally talk about not deleting hateful comments; as a substitute, they allow the remarks fuel them and floor them on the same time. Alex even reads poor feedback again and again till they lose their effect on her and turn out to be just words on a display. Smart phrases from robust, independent ladies!

Alex stocks that human beings might name her OA, so she idea approximately it and toned it down—for herself. But it’s a one of a kind story when people compare her to her sister. When you’ve were given haters breathing down your neck, it’s smooth to say that you’ll prove them incorrect, however how precisely do you do this?

In Alex’s new vlog, she asks the question of who is the higher child, is it ate or bunso? To answer the query, Alex invited sister Toni and dad and mom Bonoy and Pinty Gonzaga to weigh in on the matter.

Bearing placards that say ate and bunso on every side, Bonoy and Pinty have been quizzed by way of the sisters as to who’s much more likely to do what.Alex and Toni’s mother and father had blended solutions for some questions, as an instance, when asked who changed into their preferred journey associate, Pinty spoke back “Alex,” while Bonoy replied, “Toni Pinoy Tv.

As you go alongside the funny 10-minute video, it’s glaring in which Alex and Toni each get their sense of humor. At the same time as the video exhibits which sister is extra hardworking or clever, it additionally suggests how near the Gonzaga family is, even freeing up some time from their busy schedules to shoot a vlog

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